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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Summing up 2014......

2014 was prettying special. I had big great ideas about writing a fancy blog to sum it up but these pictures should do it justice! 

January took me to La Grave for my second BMG induction on the road to becoming a guide. Having done a few seasons in Serre Chevalier it was hard to believe I never ventured over the col! Skiing under la Meige was brilliant along with the banter and another small step on the way to becoming a guide.

February involved heading over to Scotland for some winter action and work! Conditions were excellent but localised in a few areas due to a huge volume of snow. Below I am enjoying The Genie in the Cairngorms. Pic credit Gary Bloomer.

March was another BMG induction in Scottish winter. Passing this I became a trainee guide and joined the BMG proper. Back to Northern Ireland did a bit of rock climbing before a quick trip out to Austria to hook up with the Taylor boys. 

April the weather started to play ball and with not much rock fitness slab climbing was on the bill and a wee route we're all learning on Binnian. It is one of the best lines in the mournes and even Ireland! Perfect conditions helped along with young Quinns psyche. Also the first confirmed E7 I have climbed! A wee trip to Spain with 10 very psyched youth ended my 4 and a half years working for MI as a youth development officer. This ended a great era but and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with MI!

May involved a bit of work to help keep the mortgage payments up and the fuel for trips up to Fair Head! This years FH meet was again a big success oh and it is a truly magical place, even the rope thinks so.......

June was my first trip to the very special island of Owey. We managed to establish a number of route that will hopefully be future classics.  Trying to establish this with McCoey was some banter and commitment. Check out that ab rope. 

July once again took me back for another trip to Owey. It was pretty sweet to get involved and climb on the Holy Jeasus Wall. McCune got the money pitch and pictures but this shows off the angle pretty well!  I also had a trip with the youth to the Burren, a wedding in Spain and England and a ML training on Achill Island. I also got hooked up with Rab and a sponsorship deal! Variety is the spice of life.

August was spent in N Wales getting prepared for my summer test. There were so many highlights and this was one of them. Enjoying Electic Blue above a very turbulent sea!

September was amazing because 2 months spend in N Wales paid off and I passed my BMG summer test. I also ticked the classic Lord......

October the fine weather continued and with a few months of trad strength I laid a demon to rest by climbing Above and Beyond at the Head. Caff came over so we could do a bit of work/ climbing together. Here he is enjoying the Mournes at their best. I also climbed a few more E7's and did a bit more work.......

November was time to get out of the country again and some winter sun before Scotland for a full winter season in 2015. Here McCoey is getting his pump on in Terradets.

December I got a wee trip away with my wife to Budapest did a little bit more work in Cork, went to Andorra for a stag do, spend Xmas in England and finished off maybe my most memorable year of rock climbing every with an ascent of The Thing in the Forest, another E7! Note - don't use the Hawk as a photographer!!!

2015 is already looking like a very busy year but I will be taking it one step at a time and get my winter test in March sorted!

A special thanks has to go to my wife without her support I couldn't be living the dream. All the best to everyone in 2015. 

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